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Smart Mug Warmer


The Last Mug Warmer You Will Ever Need!

Hot beverages like Coffee or Tea turn cold really fast during winter. This not only spoils the taste of the drink but also does not help in warming our bodies during the cold season. 


The Smart Mug Warmer is a new product that slows down the cooling speed of hot beverages and enhances the taste & flavor, wherever and whenever.


Slow Down Cooling Speed - Keeps Beverages Warm Longer

✅ Portable - Plug It Anywhere To Heat Up Beverages

Cold Season - Great For Winter Or Cool Environment

Multi-Use - Ceramic, Glass, Steel, Feeding Bottle, Steel, etc. 

Smart Memory  - Temperature Stays Once Mug Is Placed Back

✅ Non-Slip Base - Fitted With Non-Slip Features For Extra Safety


✅ Auto Switch ON - Touch Surface To Activate Sensors

Auto Switch OFF - Auto Off After 5 Mins Without Mug 

✅ 3 Temperature Setting - Ranges From 95°F - 140°F

✅ Material - Microcrystalline Panel + ABS shell

✅ Water Proof - Surface Panel Is Water Proof

✅ Size - 5.11 in x 4.72 in / 59in Power Cord 2-Pin Plug

✅ Colors - Only Black & Red Are Available

✅ Voltage Power -  220V/16W


Smart Mug Warmer x 1 (Includes 59in USA 2-Pin Plug)

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Q1: Can I use any Cups or Mugs?

A1: Works great on Mugs or Bottles that are made of Ceramic, Glass, Steel, Cans, Milk Box and even Baby Feeding Bottle. Avoid containers with thick or concave base.

Q2: How long does the device stay on with Mug on it?

A2: Once the device is ON, it will stay at the desired temperature for up to a maximum of 8 hours with the Mug on it. 

Q3: Will the device reset once I remove the Mug?

A3: The device will auto off, 5min after removing the Mug. Otherwise, if within 5 mins you place back the Mug, the device will still keep itself at the same temperature.

Q4: Does the device boil the liquid?

A4: No. The device is designed to slow down the cooling process of the beverages and keep them warm at desired temperature. 

Q5: How long does it take to warm up beverage?

A5: It will take 15-25 mins to warm up a beverage at room temperature. The final temperature will be kept at around 104°F - 131°F


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