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Foldable Cat Tunnel Playground

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Are your Cats bored staying indoors?

The Perfect Playground For Cats

Paw parents all around the world are loving the Foldable Cat Tunnel Playground to entertain their furry friends indoors. 😻

Cats love to Explore, Hide and Pounce. They are after all hunters and these Cat Tunnels are designed to stimulate this instinct in the Cats. 


Keep Felines Active : Indoor Cats are bound to get bored compared to outdoor Cats. These playground assist to keep them active.

Interactive Playground: The tubes and holes offer a fun run-through place while the dangling ball excites their senses.

Private Space: The Cat Tunnels provide a secret hideout for the Felines and allows them to have their own space to rest and play.

Portable: These Tunnel playgrounds are easy to set up or fold and store, thus saving space.

Safe and Durable: The holes provide ample ventilation. The material is sturdy and tear-resistant.


✅ Material : High Durable Polyester and Steel Wire

✅ Color: Multi-Color

✅ Designs: 8 types available with different sizes in length

✅ Diameter of Tunnel : 9.5inches / 25cm

✅ Washing Instruction : Machine Washable


This cat tunnel is designed for all cats and small animals such as kittens, puppies, dogs or rabbits to play and stay in.


✅ Dangling Toy : Each Tunnel comes with a dangling toy to add to the fun. 

✅ Crackling Sound : The built-in crackle paper amuses the Cats everytime it makes that crisp sound when they move through the tunnel

✅ Peephole : Cats love to peep and engage in hide and seek games.

✅ Portable : Super easy to fold and store away. Saves space


Foldable Cat Tunnel with Dangling Toy x 1


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