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This Fleece Blanket Can Keep Cats And Dogs Feeling Calm And Secured

If you are looking for a blanket or a mat for your pets, then these Soft Fleece Pet Blankets are the perfect choice.

Now your pets can have a blanket of their own to snuggle and lay down and is perfect for any seasons







It has cute printed patterns and soft warm material that is safe and well absorbent and made of soft coral velvet fabric that's fuzzy cozy and is a must-have for all pet lovers out there!



🐾  Soft Materials: Made with 100% high-quality Double-Sided Coral velvet Fabrics and padded with cotton.

🐾  Breathable Material: The fabric used for these best dog blankets is a coral fleece. Unlike traditional fleece, this is a breathable material and ideal for pets

🐾 Multi-purpose: It can be placed on a pet bed or in a cage to keep your pet warm and soft. It can also be placed on a bed or sofa to keep hair, footprints, and scratches at bay.

🐾 Suitable for All Seasons: In addition to keeping warm in winter, the pads have excellent ventilation and can be used even in hot summer days.

🐾 Machine Washable and Durable: Washable by machine and hand. The threads don't shed and it keeps its shape and softness beautifully even after several washes.



PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Keeps pet less anxious while traveling and reduces the amount of pet hair on the car seat. 

PROTECT COUCH: The Fleece Blanket will protect the Couch from Pet Hair, Scratches etc

FOR ALL SEASONS: The Blanket is made of Flannel on one side and Fleece on the other side to keep pets cool during summer and warm during winter.

SNUGGLE: The Fleece Blankets is so soft and is perfect for Dogs and Cats to snuggle and feel relaxed.

PLAYING: You can even play with your Pets while on the Blanket


✅ Reversible Blanket (Used For Both Cold and Warm Climate)

✅ Material: Flannel (Top) & Fleece (Bottom)

✅ Thickness: 1 - 1.5 inches

✅ Use For: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Other Domestic Pets

Buy any Soft Fleece Pet Blanket Today and get a pet grooming tool, the *EZ Fur Remover for FREE!  

 EZ Fur Remover will be of random color

 *Whilst Stocks Lasts! - EZ Fur Remover will be of random color



Soft Fleece Pet Blanket x 1 + *EZ Fur Remover (Free) x 1


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